Rekindle the passion in your marketing

We all have days (maybe especially when it is cold, wet and grey,) when the glass seems half empty. When I speak to clients it invariably happens when they hit a dead end but can?t see it.

Even the most experienced of us can lapse into learnt behaviour. Without thinking, following a process we have used before. Just like driving the car and realising you have arrived at work without recalling the last 10 minutes of the journey.

That is when we need to shake ourselves up and inject some new ideas and views. Social media is a great way to do this on a daily basis, packed full of things to make you raise your eyebrows and get your brain whirring again. Local networking can also be valuable, it can be colleagues in the office who you use as a sounding board or a professional marketing network. It is about the process of verbalising an issue and listening to other perspectives that gets your creative thinking going again.

CleeCo is putting the theory into practice this April with a day of putting the passion back into your marketing. Join us for a day packed full of practical information you can use in your business tomorrow. All our speakers and workshop leaders are professionals who know what will work, it?s not just the theory. See more detail. Tuesday 19th April 2016
 Book before 29th February for your ?25 early bird discount

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