Leadership that gives bankable benefits

This is a story about how the little things add up to make a big difference. How many board rooms don’t expect enough of their ChiefExecutive or sadly let some things go, writing them off as ‘that’s just how they are’ or ‘that’s not where their strength lies’.

All businesses know that they can not deliver without clear, strong and consistent communication. That needs good employee engagement and strong decisive leadership. It also needs leadership that is rooted in values.

The bankable benefits come when the values are authentic because they are lived by the whole business. They are consistent, well understood, constantly displayed and people are proud of them.

Ketchum Leadership Communications Monitor 2014 listed the attributes of a good leader as;
– leading by example
– clear transparent communication
– admits mistakes
– brings out the best in others

They also listed that where customers saw good leadership, there was an impact on buying.
– 50% of customers changed suppliers after seeing poor leadership
– 44% of new purchases were due to leadership perception
– 37% of customers purchased more, where they saw good leadership

These statistics impact on investor confidence. In the FTSE top 100 one third of the company value is attributed to reputation and that is all about leadership and values.

Even when things go wrong, if a crisis is handled well value grows by 10%. When it is poorly handled you can see a 15% drop.  www.engageforsuccess.org is a helpful website to start assessing how good your engagement is and how your organisations leadership is helping or hindering that.

I haven’t even touched on what this does for the workforce. Essentially the positive impact just snowballs and keeps going so long as the leadership is sustained and genuine.

The expectations of the leaders of today and tomorrow are only growing and they are all about values, integrity and clarity of communication.

Are you absolutely clear that your values are reflected in everything you? Does integrity and clarity feel at home in your board room, just as much as it does by the coffee machine or the smoking shelter?

Don’t underestimate the impact on your business.

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