I found the formula for ‘trust’ that the party leaders needed

Did you know there is a formula to create trust? Neither did I but there is and this is it.

b = The benefit I bring to the relationship
c = The cost of acquiring the benefits
i = The intimacy ? if you don?t know them  – Zero
pR = The Perceived Risk of being in the relationship

The outcome of the election will be based on who we trust not what parties say they will do.


The fact that the last of the full manifestos was published just 3 weeks before the election shows how few people will have read it (estimated 1% of the population). To be honest they could have been published months ago and it would have made very little impact on how many of us would have read them. But it shows how important even the politicians think manifestos are when it comes to winning votes. The answer to why they bother with a manifesto at all is that this is the document that will be used to bargain with if a coalition is needed ( so it will be important later but not today)

What makes the difference for the majority of us is ‘Do I like this person? Do I trust them?’

Easy then!

For today’s big vote the majority of us will make a decision based on each party leaders ability to convince us that we can trust them to make more right decisions than wrong ones.

Most of us will recall one, maybe two issues that are important to us and know who we prefer in that instance but more often than not, we can’t tell you why we prefer them specifically.

Essentially decisions today will be made on a gut feel, created through the hours of media that has surrounded party leaders. Not just the election hype but the years before that which leave deep ingrained impressions. Some of it will be based on what is actually said. But when we don’t know someone we make a decision through a combination of what they say, the tone they say it in, their body language, their appearance and the values these things tell us they have.

A salient reminder that if we want to create trust, all communication has to be authentic and all great leaders need trust, no matter what the size of the team they lead. The written stuff is important because people will eventually read it and plan from it, but it means nothing if you have not convinced people you are a trustworthy leader.

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