Executive Coaching

The most successful Chief Executives understand the importance of an independent perspective who’s only interest, is the success of the CEO and their organisation.

Being a Chief Executive is both hugely rewarding and tough.  Every day brings both an opportunity to progress your strategic agenda as well as predicted and unforeseen challenges.  The pressure to perform and get it right more often than not is enormous.  Your every communication is magnified by your position and your mistakes are highly visible.

Coaching with Shaun is designed around your specific needs.  It is a personal service designed to maximize performance to enable you to successfully manage these pressures, providing both stretch and reflection.  Focusing on success as you define it and providing a completely independent, honest sounding board.  We recognize that the pressures on your time and the responsibilities you hold are a 24/7/365 reality.  We work with you to

  • Create confidential time and space to think out loud
  • Develop effective “quick and slow” thinking strategies and the ability to know when to use both effectively
  • Develop and utilise the skills of seeing multiple perspectives at once whilst remaining decisive and in doing so maximise your
  • Impact an influence
  • Ability to Create and sustain cultural change
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Emotional Resilience
  • Public speaking
  • Personal branding

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