Ed Miliband – bad comms advice or lost himself in the chaos of leadership?


Watching the many leaders in the battle for seats in the election I am struck by how much Ed Miliband stands out. I am not talking about politics, I am talking about his speeches, interviews and appearances and the impact they had on me. Wondering if I am the only one who thinks there is something just a bit odd (as an avid goggle box fan I know I am not alone).

I can’t get past the idea that someone told him  how to project himself as tougher and able to show he was strong enough to lead our country.

I have no issue with that, after all it’s important that as a voter I believe he will stand up for me. I am sure he is tough enough, he certainly would not have got as far as he has if he was not. My issue is that the way he portrayed it didn’t feel real. He says the words but it doesn’t feel like him. Was he advised to use that line ” Am I tough enough? Hell yes I am tough enough.” When Paxman commented that people didn’t think he was.

It feels like a classic case of the real person being hidden inside some sort of frankenstein creation that has stuck a lot of theory and best practice together but left out the personality.

I am not picking on Ed, especially today, it just happens that for me he shows a problem lots of people have when speaking in public. On paper the words are fine, they just don’t feel like they fit that person.

The real Ed was lost and if I don’t feel that I know him, I can’t trust him.  The irony is that it may not stop me voting for him if I believe in the policies but I probably wouldn’t buy a car from him or sign on a business deal. Whatever we do we have to stay true to ourselves. The risk of doing anything else requires a life long oscar winning performance that even the best talent can not sustain. Many of us will have had moments when we were given pre prepared speeches to deliver, or stepped in to deliver a presentation for a colleague suddenly unavailable. It is the same issue. Don’t get caught up with needing to go with it if it is not right for you. Review it, strip it back to the facts and the objectives then do it in your style.

It immediately reduces the pressure, and unless you have an oscar in your wardrobe you will definitly deliver a more successful performance.  Most of us have a head start as we have the comfort of knowing our audience of judges will not be in the millions like Ed’s but they may well have a say on how well we do in our job.

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